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Having a app that actually captures the data from our time trials and gives players a number rank is such a differentiator then the other options.  We use a lot of timed events for our team selection and Sport Evaluations App helps us get our kids in the right order for team selection.  Highly recommend it. 



We have tried other evaluation apps in the past and nothing compares to Sports Evaluations app.  The point of tryouts or evaluations is to pick your teams for the season and Sports Evaluations truly gives you accurate reports for the most important piece of evaluations = Team Selection! 



Trying to find volunteers now is very hard and I like the option to make one call and sports evaluations took care of all our associations’ soccer evaluations.  This is something I have been trying to find for many years.  Having the company that designed the app and supplied 3rd party independent evaluators was a perfect fit for us.

Brian Complete Solution Customer


We licensed Sports Evaluations app for our lacrosse program and was very easy to set up and the evaluators loved the ease of use.  Really like the features where the evaluators had no idea who was who on the surface, and the team selection was the best part.  It made picking our teams a breeze. 

Nathan Basic License Customer


Since we switched to Sports Evaluations 5 years ago, we have never had more accurate and seamless hockey evaluations. Sports Evaluations has saved the category directors so much time. Having a true 3rd party independent company that takes care of everything is worth the small cost. I highly recommend them.

Shannon Complete Solution Customer


If you are looking to take your sports organization from basic to the next level - you're in the right place. Sports Evaluations is your complete solution to support athletes to play where they will grow and develop!



Sports Evaluations has given us a trusted way to evaluate our hockey players, so that parents understand that their children’s team selection will not be influenced by any bias at all.

Chad Complete Solution Customer