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About Us

We believe in full transparency in any sports evaluation that is completed. Through our confidential unique player code system, the parent or guardian has the ability to log in and see the rank of the child amongst their peers on that individual session. Sports Evaluations also allows for parents to purchase a premium version to get detailed analytics of their child.

We at Sports Evaluations have over 23 years of experience and millions of players evaluated. We understand there are other applications available currently, but none of them have the experience that we have.

Not only do we say what we do, but we do what we say! We will not work with any organization who doesn’t align with our core values. All of our independent evaluators are screened and sign a contract ensuring there is no relation or pre-knowledge of any of the players they are going to be evaluate. Having this as a core value ensures our people are aligned on having a fair and equitable evaluation for every player that is evaluated through our platform.

We are passionate about what we do! We believe every child deserves a fair and equitable evaluation for their sport and team they are trying to achieve. We aim to remove all the pre-conceived biases and unconscious biases when evaluating players for their respective teams.

Addressing the need for fair and impartial sports evaluations since 1999

Sports Evaluations was established in 1999 by Justin Reynolds to address the need for independent fair and impartial sports evaluations for team selection of minor hockey in Canada.

The Pencil and Clipboard Method

For the first 17 years of the company’s’ existence, data collection via the pencil and clipboard method worked fantastic. However, the process always turned nightmarish at the data entry phase, particularly because it was extremely time and labour intensive.

Implementing Technology

In 2016, Sports Evaluations addressed this need by creating a proprietary web application that streamlined both the data collection and data entry processes.

The web application evolved to include features such as up-to-the-second reporting and problem-solving algorithms.

An App Available to Everyone

Over time, pencils and clipboards became obsolete. Five years after its inception, the Sports Evaluations web application was reengineered into a lean, easy-to-use app available to use on any device by any/all sports organizations all over the world.

The Sports Evaluations app makes fair and impartial sports evaluations a reality in record time. Through an affordable licensing structure, Sports Evaluations puts years of experience in the hands of organizations to complete their own evaluations in-house. For organizations without team selection help from volunteers, a Complete Solution is offered by Sports Evaluations whereby we send a team anywhere, anytime, for any sport, to conduct the team selections on their behalf.

The app
designed by evaluators for evaluators


A solution built
with evaluators, volunteers, and directors in mind.


Traditional evaluation processes in any sport is very time consuming and exhausting. Luckily, our system will minimize your time and effort associated with team-selection season. It also has scheduling capabilities and can communicate the location, day, and time of evaluation sessions with players and parents/guardians.

Prefer a Hands-Off Approach to Team Selections?

We understand that some organizations prefer a hands-off approach to team selections. That's why Sports Evaluations offers a Complete Solutions service, whereby our evaluators come to you and manage the entire team selection process on your behalf.