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Pricing Plans

Break Bad
Habits Without Breaking the Bank


  • $ 7
    Per Player
  • Basic
    • Unlimited evaluators and evaluation sessions
    • Realtime scores and reports
    • Complete Evaluation system for team selection
    • Use of templated evaluation forms and categories
    • Excel template (.CSV format) upload for fast upload of players compatible with all player management software’s such as team snap, ramp-interactive, zapier, league apps, sport engine
    • Dedicated director portal to check in, assign jerseys and review summary reports
    • Ability to compare players scores
    • Use of software for the whole season to compare progression
    • Ability to formulate full age category reports for accurate team formulation upon completion of evaluations
    • Ability to add or delete players as they arrive
  • $ 9
    Per Player
  • Next Level
    • All basic features
    • Ability to customize different categories 
    • Dedicated support representative
    • Use of the time trial feature for any evaluations that use times for scoring and/or schedules that use statistical rankings with measured criteria
    • Use of scheduling feature for players
    • Use of email function to all players/parents
    • Suggested Evaluation Drills provided
    • Use of scheduler to email out parents their next evaluation time and the ability to post on our website along with their player rank for that individual session.  Player rank is optional service for the organization
  • $ 75
    Per Player
  • Complete Solution
    • All Next Level features
    • Complete turnkey evaluation solution
    • Providing 4 independent sport specific experienced evaluators for 4 evaluation sessions per player
    • 1 additional instructor for 1 skills session to be on field/court/ice surface
    • Complete schedule design
    • Full Reports for team selection provided at end of evaluations

** All pricing is USD and based on 25 player increments
** Pricing is based on 150 player minimum
** Complete Sports Evaluations Inc. reserves the right to offer full analytics package to parents/guardians for an additional fee. The data offered is a range of data, not specific rank overall schedule rank unless the organization chooses to reveal that data. This is part of the usage agreement. Please note: this does not include final overall rankings that is used for team selection. That data remains confidential to the organization and they can share if they wish!


Having a app that actually captures the data from our time trials and gives players a number rank is such a differentiator then the other options.  We use a lot of timed events for our team selection and Sport Evaluations App helps us get our kids in the right order for team selection.  Highly recommend it. 



We have tried other evaluation apps in the past and nothing compares to Sports Evaluations app.  The point of tryouts or evaluations is to pick your teams for the season and Sports Evaluations truly gives you accurate reports for the most important piece of evaluations = Team Selection! 



Trying to find volunteers now is very hard and I like the option to make one call and sports evaluations took care of all our associations’ soccer evaluations.  This is something I have been trying to find for many years.  Having the company that designed the app and supplied 3rd party independent evaluators was a perfect fit for us.

Brian Complete Solution Customer


We licensed Sports Evaluations app for our lacrosse program and was very easy to set up and the evaluators loved the ease of use.  Really like the features where the evaluators had no idea who was who on the surface, and the team selection was the best part.  It made picking our teams a breeze. 

Nathan Basic License Customer


Since we switched to Sports Evaluations 5 years ago, we have never had more accurate and seamless hockey evaluations. Sports Evaluations has saved the category directors so much time. Having a true 3rd party independent company that takes care of everything is worth the small cost. I highly recommend them.

Shannon Complete Solution Customer