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Make tryouts a breeze & evaluate quicker with our team selection and scheduling app. Easily schedule players and their evaluation sessions, assign evaluators, check-in players, assign jerseys, evaluate, report, repeat — with speed!

Be Fair

Our app ensures a fair, transparent, and accurate team selection process for sports organizations.

Save Time

Do away with the average 375 hours organizations typically spend on evaluations each year.

Achieve Goals

Our process ensures transparent, unbiased, and accurate team selections in record time.

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A Scalable Solution


Our team selection and scheduling app can be used to evaluate players and athletes for any sport, anywhere in the world — and is scalable to accommodate any number of players.

Built on Years
of Experience


The Sports Evaluations app was 20 years in the making, engineered by some of the world's top team selection experts.

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Team Selection Made Easy

Our app is used by various sports all over the world. It's a comprehensive, all-in-one solution, designed to save organizations time and money while perfecting the entire team selection process.

Enhanced Features You Won't Find Anywhere Else

The Sports Evaluations app is tried and tested in live, real-world team team selection environments. It undergoes rigorous testing and ongoing development. New features and enhancements are added regularly.

A feature-rich app used by sports organizations all over the world.

Our app is fully customizable with virtually limitless design modifications.

The Sports Evaluations app is supported by an in-house team of developers.

Select from out-of-the-box reporting options or build your own, custom-tailored reports.

Built for
evaluators, by evaluators


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Crossfit Expert
Crossfit Expert
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A Robust DIY Team Selection Solution for Organizations

Sports Evaluations' solutions have helped facilitate over 1 million evaluations around the world. See what industry-leading apps and unparalleled experience can do for your organization.
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Our app is packed with extras you'd have to see to believe. Contact us to schedule a demo.

App Pricing

Our confidential platform ensures evaluators do not see names associated with the players.

App Security

Our app limits your risks with several security nets, and is touted as one of the most secured options on the market.

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