A women in a wheel chair playing tennis

Organized Sports and Disabilities

According to Nationwide Children, kids with disabilities are significantly disadvantaged regarding access to organized sports. They point out that children with little to no physical outlet risk having weaker cardiovascular health and flexibility. That isn’t even to mention the decreased social interaction and pride accompanying such activities. We’ve listed some of the best sports for disabled children to address this. 

It’s important to remember that depending on a child’s physical and mental impairment, some sports mentioned here might not be suitable for every child. We will provide as much information as possible so parents can make an informed decision.

Some Great Sports Options for Children With Disabilities

  1. Adapted Taekwondo
    Located at McKernan Community Hall 11341 – 78 Avenue in Edmonton, the Paralympic Sports Association offers adapted Taekwondo on Saturdays from 10 to 11 a.m. Instructors adjust each lesson to fit the physical limitations of each student.
    On top of providing great exercise and improving flexibility, Taekwondo instructors help students attain a balance in mind, body and spirit. 
    • Cost: $168
    • Anyone over 12 must provide proof of vaccination for Covid-19 or give a medical exemption.
    • Must be at least five years old.
  2. Wheelchair Floor Hockey
    Located at the Winnifred Stewart Association on the north side of Edmonton, wheelchair floor hockey is available for Ambulatory, powerchair and manual chair users. Participants must also be at least 14 years old to participate. Wheelchair Floor hockey takes place from 6 to 8 p.m. from January 10th – April 11th. (Excluding February 21st)
    Everyone likes hockey, right? It’s great exercise and social interaction. We are so happy that people in wheelchairs can still enjoy a good old-fashioned game of hockey every once and a while.
    • Cost: $60 for Game Play or $75 for the 2-hour session
    • Participants must also be at least 14 years old
  3. Junior Sledge Hockey
    Staying with hockey, we have Junior Sledge Hockey at the Meadows Community Recreation Centre at 2704 17 Street, NW. The sport has the same rules as up-right hockey. Players are sat on sleds and use smaller sticks with attached picks to propel themselves around the ice. The sport can get quite fast, with many of the same strategies you see deployed in up-right hockey. 
    The sport provides an excellent alternative to up-right hockey while providing a social outlet and a perfect upper body workout. 
    • Cost: $450
    • Ages 5-14 are allowed to play, while older players are welcome based on skill level.
  4. The Centre for Autism Services’ Kickstart Soccer
    We wanted to include a program for the Centre for Autism Services. Often children with autism can find it hard to integrate into organized sports.
    The Get on the Ball program offers children the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of soccer in a low-pressure environment. Participants will also learn skills that will help them integrate into other sports programs in the future.
    Currently, the Centre for Autism Services has not provided registration information yet, but the program will take place at Alberta Avenue Community League, located at 9210 – 118 Ave NW, Edmonton.
    • Cost for registration: $200
    • Ages: 7-12 years old


Whatever disabilities a child may have, they should never be deprived of the simple joy of being active with a group of peers. It can be scary to bring your disabled children into active sports, but the benefits of doing so definitely outweigh the work, preparation and cost.
You’ll find more sports around Edmonton by doing a little research. We hope your child finds a new favourite sport where they can feel involved and part of a community. The transformation may surprise you. 
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