10 Things That Require Zero Talent

10 Things that require zero talent

In life most people think to be successful at work or in a sport, you need to have talent. But that is wrong. Everyone is equal. Not everyone will put in their extra hours to succeed. By working hard you receive success with experience, skill and failure in lessons. When you work hard and smart you can strengthen the maximum opportunity that comes your way, it can be a way to find success in life. Whether you’re the top player of the team or a bench player, we all have to take control of ourselves. In other words, talent isn’t everything.

Success is no accident, It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing!

from Pele
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So here are the top ten things that require zero talent and still have a huge impact on success.

1. Being on time

Being on time shows that you are responsible, it indicates that you respect the other person’s time and needs. This first step requires an organizing and planning head which can lead to great success. When you are late, it shows that you don’t have structure in life and it can often fall onto your attention.

2. Work Ethic

This step requires your best ability and not to cut corners which will show honesty and dedication. Taking credit for other players’ work or inappropriate delegating can lead to distrust and others won’t work alongside you. If you are avoiding work or questioning yourself, work on self-reflection.

3. Effort

Effort can be a mindset as much as it is a behaviour. The effort involves concentration on the task at the time, putting in your very best. Effort can affect more than one player on and off the field, it travels. Giving praise or rewards will boost the effort and maybe receive more next time.

4. Body Language

Body language is a strong form of communication and connection to others. Be aware that the wrong gesture could send the wrong message and could harm the player. When communicating to a player use eye contact, hand movements and other gestures such as nodding or clapping hands as they send out a certain meaning. Using body language and manners can be more important than what you say in words

5. Energy

Demonstrating a lot of energy on the field or at work will show others how serious you are about the task at hand. It will also help you to achieve your goal. Being passionate will help bring up your energy levels. When energy is low, we can start to lose motivation and focus.

6. Attitude

Your attitude determines how far you will go. A very positive attitude can go a long way on and off the field. It’s all up to you, no one else can decide that. Others can only guide you. With the wrong attitude you are stopping yourself from becoming something great, you are blocking your pathway to success.

7. Passion

Being passionate about the sport or work gives you the ability to invest more time and to push yourself to explore. You will start to own the task at hand. Passion and positive energy spread fast, when you start to get excited about a task, others around you will also start. Don’t limit your goals!

8. Being Coachable

Being coachable means not hiding away from challenges and working hard. Understanding that change is a good thing and is willing to improve or transform. There are many traits for coachable people from their passion for goals to being highly accountable. You need to be willing to learn, listen and make positive changes for the team on and off the field.

9. Doing Extra

Go the extra mile, do more than what others require and insist. Doing extra work will make a huge impact on the field or at work, it doesn’t have to cost you much but it will add more to your personality. Doing extra on the task will always bring more positive results.

10. Being Prepared

 This is all on you, only you know when you are ready or not. Be the best and make the most of your talent. Try not to be over-prepared as other areas might start to suffer but do allow some extra time for planning.

Using these easy steps you can now take responsibility for your success. Work harder, Put in the extra effort and fight until the end because it’s never over until the final whistle. Impossible can become possible when our mind and body are in the game.

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Nobody has enough talent to live on talent alone. Even when you have talent, a life without work goes nowhere.

from Arsene Wenger